Derbyshire Air Rifle Club

Derbyshire Air Rifle Club


We welcome everyone to our club regardless of experience, and are happy to help newcomers to the sport of Air Rifle Target Shooting.

The club meets on Sunday mornings from 9.45am onwards on the dates shown at Yeaveley Estate in Yeaveley , Ashbourne. Meetings usually end around 1.30p.m. There are toilets at the Shooting ground but no refreshments. Ladies & Juniors are especially welcome as are spectators providing they remain within the area of the shooting course.

We have a variety of courses laid out, 40 shot course in the woods, a range for pistols, long range shooting 70 yards plus, a large plinking range, and a zeroing range for your use

All our courses can be shot FT, HFT, SFT. the choice is yours, our only stipulation is on safety.

New members are always welcome on the following basis: We ask you to attend at least 3 meetings prior to applying for membership. This is to ensure that you are fully aware of how the club operates & that you are familiar with your surroundings.
Hope you enjoy this web-site............ see you soon!